Global Network

Infrastructure: XCP-NG, Unify, TP-Link, Synology, OVH, and more.
Software: Debian, iptables, wireguard, quagga (bgp), isc-dhcp, bind9, snmp, influxdb, mysql, apache2, cacti, grafana, and more.

▲ Technology used ▲

Redparra uses a global data network: 7 different physical locations, and more than 60 subnets.

It is possible to see a representation of the network with statistics in real time at the following link:

Each location is an AS connected by EBGP and wireguard tunnels. Redundancy and fault tolerance is total since traffic is dynamically routed.

Furthermore, the system provides a redundant way to connect autonomous systems of friends redundantly with a double link.
Currently there are 2 integrated represented on the map as AS32 and AS33