Network – Full ipv6

Debian, iptables, ndppd, isc-dhcpv6, radvd, quagga, bgp, bind9, openvpn.

Hardware: Kimsufi OVH server ks1

▲ Technology used ▲

All the lab run full public space ipv6. (dual stack)

Redparra ipv6 space has a /64 network. Using vpn tunnels I can deploy this ipv6 even in locations with ipv4.
I distribute the /96 prefixes for each location using VPN tunnels.

It is a dream come true not to use nat and have ipv6 addressing on each host.

In fact, if you have an ipv6 connection you will be accessing this site via ipv6.

Technology used : openvpn, ndppd, dhcpv6, radvd, bgpv6.


Daily traffic ipv6 (Global Redparra Network)