IOT – Weather Madrid

Debian, influxdb, grafana, apache2, fusion360, prusa, arduino, shell script.

Hardware: Esp8266, Arduino mega, 3D Printed parts, Prusa Printer, waterproof case x2, rj45 adapter, dht22 x2, dht11 x2, ML8511, TL2561, Mq135.

▲ Technology used ▲

Build with ESP8266 + Arduino + Influxdb + 3dprinting Prusa PETG + fusion360 for parts + RP network for iot transit.

Measurements every 30 seconds on meteorology that include:
Temperature, humidity, air quality, luminosity, rain and nuclear radiation.

Find some real time data:

90 Days temperature measurement Madrid
Madrid Nuclear background radiation. 24h

Get full data in real time here:

Full data Weather station madrid RP1

Nuclear background radiation Madrid PR1